Yanna Sigenlaub

New York, New York, US

Yanna's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Yanna

I am working on two different startups and looking for co-founders for both.

Squar'd is a mobile app that turns photo sharing into a game - www.squard.com. The app is already on the market, but we haven't started promoting it yet. All development was outsourced, but would love to bring in a technical co-founder to help build the technical team. Also looking for someone to join and focus on business development as we start offering the platform to brands.

The second project I am working on is www.duringtheseason.com (DTS)- this is a sports site for girls who don't know much about sports - both those who want to learn more and those who just don't care. For DTS, I am recruiting freelance contributors to write and focusing on getting some traction as well as determining the business model.

In addition to my own startup projects, I provide marketing concierge services for startups that do not have internal marketing team or need additional help.


Emerson College

Integrated Marketing

2002 - 2002