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Hello reader,
To make it short, I have more than 15 years of pro experience at various position (R&D, Product Manager, Product Line Manager, Strategy Director, VP M&A), in different companies and industries.
I had 2 pro lifes. The first one in software and the web in the years 2000 where I have actively participated to the take-off of two activities from 0 to 12M€, and 0 to 30 M€ in a few years.
The second as a strategy and acquisition directors in large companies.
I'm ready for the third one ;)

The projet is a kind of "internet television" for kids.
I'm looking for a skilled CTO and co-founder as the project is fairly complex. Web UIs for the kids, their parents, and some content providers. Application on iOs and Android with 'Kid Mode'. Potential development or integration of games.

People used to say I'm steadfast, perceptive, trustworthy and ... demanding.
If you are attracted by the edutainment and media world, and 'ready to raise the bar' then don't hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,