Yannis Spahos

Athens, Greece

Yannis's Skills
Product Management

About Yannis

Hello, my name is Yannis and I live in Greece.

Since I was 13 Yrs old I was interested in programming and building my own programs.
When I was in the first year of university (i studied Computer Engineering) I got involved in some programming competitions and I won the Microsoft's apps competition where I built 3 apps which are currently online and have some good number of downloads.

Currently, I am at the last year of university and since that competition, I got the idea of building my own things really seriously and I am searching for a co founder to build together great things. I don't mind the domain in which we will work together but I like more the personal development area and education but as I said I don't really mind.

Feel free to ask me more information if you are interested. I would love to meet smart people like you :-)