Yao Hong Kok

Toronto, Canada

Yao Hong's Skills
Product Management

About Yao Hong

I am an engineer at heart and I want to create products that will truly benefits society. Early last year (2014), I have came across the idea of creating an enterprise search aggregator for knowledge-based workers (like engineers and scientist). The problem that a good portion of knowledge-based worker faced is they need to search for information constantly during work. With the exponential growth of knowledge and content (both within a corporate environment or from the internet itself), there is an increasing need for these worker to search for information quickly.

This is where we come in. One idea that I have come up to solve this issue to create an engine that would search all possible internal and external resource. These search results will be ranked and combined in one single user interface. Of course, this is just one idea to solve the above problem. Our product main goal should be to shorten the time taken for knowledge-based workers to search for information.

The way I envision this company is to be a world class leader in helping all knowledge-based workers to search for information efficiently and learn about new materials more quickly. This company's culture should continuous learning, respectful and giving back to the community. I hope that this company can be established in Toronto which I see great potential to grow technology companies.

Currently, I am working as a Software Quality Engineer at the MathWorks. I am helping to improve the quality of one of our newer products - MATLAB Online. Therefore, I am pretty familiar with web technologies like Java EE, Groovy, Maven, Continuous Integration, Agile Development Cycle and testing web applications. Prior to being Software Quality Engineer, I was working as an Application Support Engineer. I had the chance to communicate often with customers, solve their problems and learn to manage customer expectations.

So, how am I unique? I have strong web technology knowledge, great mathematics foundation, excellent research skill, unbeatable determination and very hardworking. I intend to to go all out in this idea once we have found a CTO to join us.