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About Yaozhong

I have 10 years experience in the F&B industry in Singapore. My depth of experience ranges from the strategic to operations, from the big-scale works to the nitty gritty. I am currently looking at expanding my core business via investments, franchising or creating new food concepts.

I believe in being hands-on, dedicating time and commitment to learn the trade in whatever venture I go into, in part to quickly scale the learning curve and also to ensure I do not over-rely on my staff.

I am excited by the impact tech start-ups/companies have made in our lives. I am also keen to take on new challenges, but most importantly, I want to create something really of value to end-users; whether it is something new or something that addresses gaps in the current system / processes.

As my company is considered an SME (small-medium enterprise) in Singapore context, I have been managing it on a lean-management approach, being flexible and adapting to the fickleness of consumer tastes as well as controlling costs stringently. I found out that my management model is pretty similar to how start-ups are, and have been, approaching management & strategy - lean.

I believe Singapore's F&B industry is due for a major revamp and re-positioning. Food concierge services are becoming widely accepted and utilized in the B2C context. More can be done in the B2B arena, and that is a segment I am interested to crack.

I was involved in a Fintech as well as an InsureTech startup till ideation stage last year and and is currently cofounder of an F&B Tech startup. I am also building a team to delve into robotics and automation to create new F&B solutions (at MVP stage) that can improve and scale across the entire industry.

"I'm the first one who thought of this idea years ago".

Ideas are dime a dozen. Everyone has that moment of epiphany but those who fail to act upon it, will just have to bear witness to the success of others who persevered and dug deep. It is really the execution and walking the walk that makes the difference. I firmly believe in this.

So please ping me for a meet-up over coffee/beer to share, explore and discuss our ideas. It is always great to meet new people, across and within industries. Who knows when cross-pollination might create the rarest and most beautiful flower!?


Are you afraid to be the same in your own act and valour, as you are in desire? - Shakespeare


National University of Singapore

Degree in Political Science

2003 - 2006


Advanced Professional Management Program

Georgetown University, Washington