Yaroslav's Skills

About Yaroslav

I have a rich tech background, I also owned 2 businesses in the past and have good team/talking skills. I'm very dedicated to whatever idea I'm pursuing, can work 10-14 hours a day for it. My main goal is to find somebody who can be equally dedicated.

With my partner I can take on all tech and organizational processes. Pretty much anything tech related, and also operations, client communications, mb sales. What I'm looking for is someone who is good at marketing products, exposing them to clients, somebody who is a great seller and has great networking skills with many connections. I personally am not too passionate about product positioning, marketing and extensive networking.

I place great value in reassessing and reevaluating working methods on regular basis to ensure fresh ideas coming in to work process. I like to do short working solutions versus planned long ones. My belief is that in modern business success is measured by number of attempts to explore new directions, not hours invested.