Yascha Roshani

Berlin, Germany

Online Marketplace Enthusiast, Craft Drinks Lover, Looking for Co-founder
Yascha's Skills
Product Management
Product Conception
Public Relations
Business Development

Age Group


About Yascha

I am currently launching an online marketplace for craft beverages. That includes beer, spirits, wine, coffee, and soft drinks. "Craft" stands for small, usually independent and local producers. The MVP is live and online. I am onboarding the first vendors and products at the moment.

I am from Berlin, have lived, worked and studied in Leipzig, Cologne, Madrid, London and Ottawa. My educational and professional background is business/management. I worked in business strategy of a multinational company and learned how to do business development, great strategic marketing, sales and run succesful and fun projects.

During the last year, I lived in Canada where I did fundraising for charities and learned how to convince people, think on my feet, train new reps, and run a team. I also founded a small consulting service for people who intend to go on a sabbatical (www.ab-ins-sabbatical.de).

I am looking for a team with passion and love for: design, coding, online marketing, growth hacking, great ideas, great products, creating a culture.


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