Yash Patel


Ahmedabad, India

Looking for a Tech Co-founder | 2x Founder | CEO @Pay'N'Park |
Yash's Skills
Sales & Distribution
Technical Communication
Building Strong Relationships
Branding & Identity
Business Intelligence
Business Strategy
Business Networking
User Experience
Business Development
Product Management

About Yash

** NOTE - I am not looking for co-founders for my current venture. But a new Startup that i have always wanted to work on.

Alternatively i am looking for other Startups whose team & product i can believe in + provide value to.

I am an enthusiast with love for all things tech. I hack for growth. Build legendary or go home. Heavily biased towards action. Am a startup weekend regular, have attended dozen of those now. I think technology can connect the world in wondrous ways and it has the ability to change lives remarkably. First hand experience of developing multiple apps from their inception stage to launch. I strongly feel that communicating with varied sorts of people can lead to discovery of interesting set of problems and some a-maze-ing solutions, you should try. I love to learn on the fly!

- My passion lies in solving real world problems that has a positive impact over the masses.
- Currently working on a possible solution to solve "the parking problem" in parking congested cities around the world in form of my own venture called - Pay'N'Park - the parking experience you always wished for!
- Won the "Business Pitch 2016 at CSULA presenting the opportunity in form of Pay'N'Park.
- Raised our pre-pre-seed from private angels in States.
- Graduate of SUS2017 - Y Combinator Startup School Online
- Made it to Top 50 in the Startup Grind Socal Conference 2016 #PayNPark
- Got accepted in the prestigious Expert Dojo Accelerator in LA for Summer Batch of 2017.
- Worked for a startup named in top 100 scalable startups at LAUNCH Scale 2015. #TeamUnifyed
- I did my masters from Cal State Los Angeles with majors in Computer and Systems Engineering & a minor in Entrepreneurship #GoldenEagles
- I am proud Indian who has a dream to contribute to the ever growing glory of his nation some day in some way or the other.

Ps. I like challenges!! - if you have got some, bring it on!


California State University Los Angeles

MS Computer & System Engineering

2014 - 2016


Startup School 2017

Y Combinator


Startup Dojo


Co-working Space


2017 - Today