yasuhide yokota

London, United Kingdom

I am looking for a partner to commercialize facial recognition algorithm jointly.
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Consumer marketing is my career. The more I experience it, I realize that marketing is to create new customers. To do it, we must fascinate them, to start with. Then they become our users. Post purchase marketing then is my priority. Now I recently changed my firm, new technology firm. Both BtoC and BtoB. I was in entertainment business before, now security business as well as entertainment.
Despite of new environment, I do believe that fascinaton marketing does matter.


time an free will - Henri Bergson

Work Experience

Country head, Region heads, of Europe, Asia/Middle east/Africa, Latin America

Sony Coroporation

April 1980 - December 2016

1998 Sony Vietnam, Managing director Joint venture with local entity 50 million USD annual revenue Colour TV assembly and sales 2,000 employees Responsible for the assembly and marketing-sales of mainly colour TVs. Local government lobbying against the regulation of the electronics industry. Retaining the relationship with the local partner and collaborating with colour TV product division in Sony. Sustaining the revenue and high profit level of the operation under the recession period. 2001 Sony Middle east and Africa, Managing director 1 Billion USD annual revenue Responsible for the sales and marketing of Colour TVs, Video and Audio equipment, Digital Video & Camera and Game 300 employees Selling to distributors in the region. Managing the relationship with the distributors in the region, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE and African countries. Developing new markets such as Africa. Developing new business such as Game. Increasing the sales year by year as well as record high profitability, particularly through the profit recovery in Saudi Arabia business. EDUCATION Tokyo University Economics Department Graduated 1980 LANGUAGES Japanese English 2004 Sony Latin America, President 2 billion USD annual revenue Colour TVs, Video and Audio equipment, Digital Camera and Professional equipment of broadcast station More than 2,000 employees Sales and Marketing subsidiary in each key country, as well as Manufacturing site in Brazil. Managing Sales and Marketing subsidiary in Panama, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. Responsible for risk management reporting to New York Pan American head quarter. Concurrently heading a subsidiary in Argentina . Hitting sales record as well as turning around to achieve profit. 2007 Sony Europe Executive Vice President 5 Billion USD annual revenue Being responsible for marketing of Colour TVs, Video and Audio equipment, Digital Cameras, Professional equipment, Component 300 employees Coordinating between the HQs product divisions and country management teams Restructuring new business development as well as country management of Germany and East Europe Increasing sales until Lehman shock, then minimizing the profit reduction 2010 Sony Corporation Global Sales and Marketing Group Area Strategy division, Senior General Manager Colour TVs, Video and Audio equipment and Digital Camera covering globally, planning the restructure from developed countries to developing countries, i.e., China, Brazil, India and Russia, Supporting the profit recovery in North America Contributing to the increase of sales with high profit level in China and India, minimizing the profit reduction in North America 2013 Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, Managing director More than 3 billion USD annual revenue Managing sales and marketing subsidiaries in Korea, Taiwan, South East Asia, Oceania, Middle East and Africa Colour TVs, Video and Audio Equipment, Digital Cameras, Professional equipment, Component businesses More than 2,000 employees Battery manufacturing site in Singapore Global head quarter extended functions Restructuring Sales and Marketing subsidiaries in Oceania and Middle East & Africa Restructuring Global head quarter extended functions Developing Digital Camera and Audio business Achieving record high profitability in South East Asia Turning around Oceania operation to be profitable


Tokyo university

Economic department

1975 - 1980