Yehuda Kaminer

Elizabeth, New Jersey, US

Yehuda's Skills
Product Management

About Yehuda

I am passionate about starting a business that will solve a legitimate problem and challenge the status quo of an industry. Currently, I have been trying to solve the customer service problem that so many companies and all consumers face. I have played with different solutions, and my current idea is web-based. Since I have zero tech skills, I came here looking to meet a developer/techie. However, I want this person to be someone who wants to be much more than just a freelance programmer - someone who wants to be a part of the idea and decision making processes. As a senior in college, I do not have capital to invest in starting this up and am interested in bootstrapping this following lean startup principles.

I also happen to love Seth Godin and am an avid reader of all his stuff.

PS I don't know why Twitter isn't one of the contact options, but you can find me @YehudaKaminer.