Yen-Fu's Skills
Business Development

About Yen-Fu

I would like to help people to speak a different language, that would promote mutual understanding, and bridge the gap between different communities. I would like to help people to expand their world with my language education service and products.

I am considered myself as a business developer or a creative director of the company, who will be responsible for product development. However I need someone who has professional business management skills. I need a CEO for the company, someone who has professional business skills. In addition, I'm also looking for a CTO to play a vital role to develo our software.

My business idea is a digital language learning for a specific group of users.

We should talk if
1) You have business management "or" computer programming expertise.
2) You are enthusiastic about foreign language and culture.
3) You care about education.
4) You care about communities that need helps


Pratt Institute

BFA, Art and Design Education

2013 - 2013