Yeonsil Yoo

San Francisco, California, US

Yeonsil's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Yeonsil

Hi there,

After working for big tech companies for 8 years, I've decided to challenge myself pursuing my own business.

I came up with the idea - ClassPass for kids activities (age 0-6), because I was hooked by ClassPass model that gave me various options for my exercise routine. Starting from Sep 2015, I'd built an MVP leveraging outsourcing team, closed business partnership deals, and acquired beta users. I've launched the prototype in Mar 2016, and am now in the process of studying users for V2. The market is heating up, popping out similar product in different states. So, I am planning to differentiate and re-position my service. Ultimately, I aim to connect parents with various children's program providers and other parents better.

I am looking for a CTO/Co-founder who will iterate to find a product/market fit and polish technical vision with me. If you enjoy working with people with different perspectives and exchange constructive challenges, we should talk! :-)

If you'd like to learn more about me and my product, please feel free to connect via LinkedIn or Angelist (find 'Everfun').

Yeonsil Yoo