Yi Li

Austin, Texas, US

Mechanical engineer with programming experience
Yi's Skills
Seed Capital
Project Management
Mechanical Engineering
Research and Development (R&D)
IOS Development

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About Yi

I have a comfy six figure corporate R&D job. But I'm aspiring to risk it all to build a world changing business. I've been working 30 to 40 hours a week on the side after my day job, researching on a couple of promising ideas.

I can raise $80k to $100k pre-seed money, as well as a living space double as office in Austin, for 8 to 12 months of runway. I'm looking for one or two technical cofounders with similar work ethics and the will to bootstrap and hustle. They will ideally be highly proficient in mobile development and/or web development with video and audio communication experience.


The University of Texas at Austin

Mechanical Engineer

2007 - 2012