yinka onikoyi

Vancouver, Canada

yinka's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About yinka

Over the years i have accumulated set skills that have proven useful. As a past co-founder of MyConnectHub i was able to raise funds, which i will successfully be able to repeat. I bring a very creative mindset, with a keen sense of organization. With a business background i am able to create a business plan that will be the driving force of any start up, along with accounting and marketing skills

I have successfully created a start-up in the past called MyConnectHub. It was a student focused website that caters to needs such as events, rental, discounts and cool things to do around campus. I was in charge of Financing, Development and marketing and was able to create a gueriella marketing strategy that spread around campus

I am currently working on my second start up and i am looking for a developer/programmer that can elevate my start up to the next level.