Yong Suh


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Baltimore, Maryland, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Yong

I'm a physician-in-training in his final year of studies at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I'm also the CEO and Co-Founder of Empathyze (http://www.empathyze.com), a healthcare technology startup that aims to become the primary portal through which patients access the healthcare system. Our first product focuses on helping patients connect with their ideal physician. My professional background includes entrepreneurship (started a strategy consulting firm), healthcare investing (@ a large hedge fund), healthcare investment banking (@ two bulge bracket investment banks), management consulting (@ a global consulting firm), and biomedical research at the National Institutes of Health.

My co-founder is also a Johns Hopkins medical student in his final year of study and has technical expertise. We have just added a Community Engagement Specialist to the team. The current president of The Society of General Internal Medicine has joined our Advisory Board.

We have developed a prototype which has been vetted by senior members of the faculty and administration at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as well as professors within the Department of Computer Science at The Johns Hopkins University. Our discussions have generated a universally positive response, and we will be seeking external funding this fall.

We are looking for one or two technical co-founders, who are not only technically brilliant but also possess passion, creativity, excellent interpersonal skills, emotional maturity, project management skills, and a demonstrated track record of solving difficult technical problems (links to portfolios are welcome). Technical co-founder(s) with a wide network within the programming community who can recruit and lead a team of software engineers will be given preference. In exchange, the technical co-founder(s) will be given the title of “Co-Founder” and will be given an equity stake commensurate with experience and potential to further Empathyze’s strategic objectives.

Our technical co-founders should be able to commit at least part-time effort to developing the company until the remainder of this calendar year and then commit full-time starting in January 2014. We want to assemble a first-class technical team of software engineers and web developers.


• Ability to translate a strategic vision into a technology solution
• Plan, execute, and complete complex technical projects with tight deadlines
• Enthusiastic about excellent work with a focus on quality deliverables more than on hours spent

Technical Skills Desired (the more, the better)

• Expertise with core front-end and back-end web technologies
• Database guru who understands systems such as PostgreSQL and MySQL and who can integrate and warehouse data from different sources and architectures into a harmonious, efficiently-queried system
• Proficiency with web scraping and integrating large quantities of data from different online resources
• Development experience or ability to quickly learn how to develop mobile applications for iOS and Android
• Knack for design and aesthetics, understanding of a good user experience, and close attention to detail

Product Management

Johns Hopkins University


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University of Oxford


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