yoram yosef

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

yoram's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About yoram

Socratest is operating in the emerging global Edtech market, a part of the $1 trillion education market.
The company's vision is to become "the Google" of practice tests and exams, giving students all over the world new tools and a smart way to success.
The company has a strong business plan. An MVP is currently developed by an external software firm, which will be ready to be launched during September 2015.
Our initial market is the US high school education market and one of our steps in our go to market strategy is to enter a global/US accelerator in Israel or abroad.
Currently we are seeking a highly motivated CTO/skilled programmer which is seeking to be a part of a great idea and to join as a co-founder to our team, in order lead and leverage the technological chalanges of our platform. All the activity until now has been fully self financed by the co-founders. We could not offer salaries or fees until we'll have a seed invetsment.