Youness El Andaloussi

McLean, Virginia, US

Experienced Full Stack Software Architect/Developer, Devops, CSM, CSPO
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Goal: Excel, Redefine limits, Impact the bottom line, Be nice, help others along the way. - me

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

Fidelis CyberSecurity

May 2015 - August 2017

Worked on the Fidelis Sandbox, a distributed system designed to gather forensic data for malware sent over the wire and help determine which executable are malicious • Setup cloud service: __Created web based installer and Shortened install time considerably. __Wrote custom C wrappers to tighten security by removing root dependencies. __Automated service configuration (MySQL, MongoDB, Python, SELinux, Libvirt/KVM, Apache...) • scaling __Tweaked systems as demand grew to handle multi-million queries per day __Added indices, modified architecture __Eased admin/made nodes more generic • Made System more robust __setup nagios to alert on critical factors to make sure the system was operational at all times, developing custom plugins as needed to monitor cloud __Helped setup failover for mysql using galera, mongo replication __Created vagrant environment to simulate full deployment with one command and made sure system was more resilient. • Created On Prem solution: Owned "onprem sandbox" project and Delivered 2 quarters ahead of schedule. __Productized sandbox __Created custom ISO DVD customizing anaconda+custom RPMs for offline installation & updates for customers not able to use the cloud. __provided a configuration API. __Transitioned release to standard product life cycle in agile environment __added features such as updates, versioning and admin shell • Worked on the Web API: wrote/debugged python code using SQLAlchemy, bottle, flask, mod_wsgi, pymongo & multiple other libraries. Wrote system configuration service. • Wrote reports: Wrote various reports to correlate data between mysql and mongo, provide health status and task statistics • Integration - coordinated integration effort with multiple teams and stakeholders to make the sandbox to behave more like other company sensors and integrate the box more tightly with other components. • updated deployment strategy to make it more comprehensive

Software Engineer


June 2013 - April 2015

• Reports - setup dozens of VMs with multiple Virtualization solutions to replicate client conditions in order to to write and debug custom reports for EM7, the company's network Monitoring appliance. Wrote, Debugged and optimized multi-database queries spanning 90+ databases • Powershell - Wrote Dynamic apps to provide performance counters • Customized inhouse linux distribution by writing init scripts using bash, command line tools using python, GUI using php, css and javascript • Phonehome Collector - developped way for appliances to communicate using SSH tunnels and synchronize configuration as well as user creation/management, automatic synchronization of ssh keys, command line tools, init scripts and web gui. • Worked hand in hand with QA to troubleshoot bugs, enhance existing reports and features • Got a deep understanding of multiple Processes and SDLC techniques while working simultaneously multiple versions of the software product using version control tools such as SVN and git. • updated build process to transition from SVN to GIT • passed Certified Scrum Master certification


Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance

Certified Product Owner

Scrum Alliance