Yura Kichigin

Odesa, Ukraine

Experienced digital marketer(5 years), money-maker, open-minded, responsible, higher education
Yura's Skills
Business Development

About Yura

I’m a non-smoker. I like history, psychology, fitness, and extreme sports.
Also I have a team of programmers, SEM-specialists and Web-Designers.
I'm ready to learn new things and work for our result !


There are at least 2 solutions of any problem. It's better to solve problems than justify yourself and tell a story why it did not happen and lost. - Me

Work Experience

Head of Digital Marketing. Growth hacker


March 2015 - December 2017

(company of outdoor activities, Hiking and climbing on mountains) http://extremeguide.ru/ http://elbrusyug.extremeguide.ru/ http://elbrusnorth.extremeguide.ru/ http://winterelbrus.extremeguide.ru/ http://kazbek.extremeguide.ru/ http://kazbeksouth.extremeguide.ru/ http://winterkazbek.extremeguide.ru/ http://annapurna.extremeguide.ru/ http://dhampus.extremeguide.ru/ http://way2everest.extremeguide.ru/ http://islandpeak.extremeguide.ru/ http://montblanc.extremeguide.ru/ http://leninpeak.extremeguide.ru/ http://beluha.extremeguide.ru/ http://fannmountains.extremeguide.ru/ http://svanetia.extremeguide.ru/ http://kamchatka.extremeguide.ru/ http://kilimanjaro.extremeguide.ru/ It was: Coverage: ~ 230,000 impressions/month. Visits: ~ 11,000/ month SEO with payment for positions by non-existent keys Leads (applications, calls targeted): ~ 80 (varies from seasonality) Sales: ~ 30 (varies from seasonality) Cost per order: $ 25.5 Average check: $ 250 VK - 18 000 subscribers, Facebook - 1361 subscribers. Instagram - 1112 subscribers Became: Coverage: ~ 17,500,000 impressions. Visits: ~ 40,000+ Implementing chatbots in business SEO with payment for traffic and conversions, Leads: 450+ (varies from seasonality) Sales: ~ 125 (varies from seasonality) Cost per order: 24 $ Average check: $ 410 VK - 35,000+ subscribers Facebook - 20,000+ subscribers Instagram – 8000+ subscribers YouTube – 150 000+ views Also: • Also I formed offers for clients (reasons to buy from us), helped to improve photo and video content, redesign of websites; • I manage a team of 5 specialists in the department of Internet marketing; • Supervised the process of creating 18 landing pages for major outdoor tours • I revised the price policy and the matrix of tours; • Revised the attitude to discounts and the successful solution of problems with margin and profitability of the business; • E-marketing from scratch and segmentation of the audience with separate offers for each segment, auto-touching touches of useful content for 3 months; • Creation of auto-funnel; • Integration with CRM-system with full adaptation for business with economy of budget in 11000 $; • Optimization of internal business processes/


Mechnikov University in Odessa. Faculty of Roman and German Philology


2009 - 2014