Yuri Drexel

Santa Monica, California, US

Yuri's Skills
Product Management

About Yuri

Me: currently self-employed as an IT product management consultant. Previously founded, grew and existed a consumer gaming furniture business. Currently developing a web-based service idea and tinkering with a separate mobile app idea. In parallel, constantly brainstorming new consumer product ideas to accommodate the drastic change in how people will be interacting with technology 5 years from now. My key strengths are: big picture thinking, ideation, user experience, process flow and optimization, marketing strategy, product development lifecycle, trend recognition, refusal to fail. My weakness are: programming, technical development, UI/Graphic design, on-line marketing, staying focused.

Looking for: people with complimentary skills (similar or opposite strengths) to build a team and develop ideas (either mine or yours). My previous startup experience is that it matter most that you start doing something and evolve it as you go, and not be scared of failing, and so I am looking for people who are willing to roll the dice.