Yuri 尤泽东 Khlystov

Beijing, China

Cofounder, true Jedi, CEO+CTO at LaowaiCareer. Looking for a Co-Founder to join the team.
Yuri 尤泽东's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Yuri 尤泽东

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuri-khlystov/

▫️Biz+Tech🤓Geek who's passionate about AI, process automation and XML/API integrations
▫️Sports Addict - Accomplished Military Pentathlon, Spartan Race, multiple triathlons and quadrathlon
▫️Top 10% most viewed LinkedIn profiles
▫️Over 30,00 followers on LinkedIn
▫️Has been living in China for over 11 years and fluent in Mandarin
▫️Has been featured multiple times on CCTV NEWS and CRI (China Radio International)
▫️Owner of the largest job and career group on Linkedin with over 51,000 members
↳ https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4251439/

Yuri is passionate about the idea of how you can build intelligent systems that are smart enough to solve problems in ways that are similar to how humans might solve them. He see this as a fascinating challenge.

"I am deeply captivated by how technology in general and AI in particular will move the humanity forward," said Yuri.

Yuri has devoted his life designing a set of solutions amid to help those interested in gaining invaluable work experience in the world’s most dynamic and exciting country like China. Over the past years as CEO of Gi2C Group and a co-founder and CTO of LaowaiCareer Cross Border Recruitment Platform, Yuri worked with international teams to design an automated all-in-one recruitment solution and helped to establish key partnerships with over 2,000 companies and organizations who have opened their doors to ambitious young professionals from around the world ready for a challenge.

Establishing yourself in China, be it in business, finance, engineering, science or the arts can be tough. Yuri's job is to make it easier for you.

Whether you’re a student, recent graduate or someone with a big dream, LaowaiCareer helps you find the right job to meet your ambitions. As we like to say at LaowaiCareer, “Forget fitting in. Are you ready to stand out?”