Yuriy P

Los Angeles, California, US

Yuriy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Yuriy

I am looking for CTO with expertise in C# and .NET. This is an amazing opportunity to become a true co-founder just before a startup gets its next round of funding. We are currently at prototype stage. Company has already raised and burned significant capital.

eCommerce Logistics with its unique order fulfillment platform capable to deliver parcels within 1-2 days nationwide at a cost below that of the slowest and the cheapest option on the market.

You can learn more about this startup from our site:

Currently I am looking for CTO to take over the development of the company software. Our proprietary software development has started about 5 years ago. The software is broadly comparable in complexity and functionality to eSellerPro. The system is currently in production. However the system needs functionality expansion to meet an additional important milestones.

To date coding was done by the team of 2 highly experienced developers based overseas teamed up with myself. My role in the software development process is functionality and specification development as well as live testing. I am myself have background in computer science, however my job is 90% business development and only 10% is software development related. Although I have long term personal ties with my software engineers they always were working for a straight pay. That has created an opportunity for the right individual to join this startup as CTO co-founder. To co-founders I offer substantial equity position based on contribution. Terms are very attractive. In total our founding team will consist from 4-6 professionals.