Yvonne Kay, MA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

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Product Management

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First time founder

About Yvonne

Mindfulness Meditation is a $1 billion industry and is expected to increase by 22% in 2017 according to Forbes.

30,000 people taught to recode their minds for balance, wellness, and happiness. A 30 year mindfulness practice. Master Mind Media combines mindfulness meditation and mental recoding- simple tools for a fast paced, complex world.

Are you passionate about the wellness space? Have you tried and liked mindfulness meditation? Are you a wizard with building complex mobile apps? Do you just love, love, love marketing a product?

The vision of Master Mind Media is to provide a platform where entrepreneurs, their staff, and techies can access tools for handling stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety PRIOR to needing an EAP program or a therapist. Our goal, 1 million users.

The need: In a recent study from UCSF, published in Business Insider, 272 entrepreneurs were surveyed and 70% reported mental health issues. That's 10x higher than the general population.

The solution: I've developed a series of 21 audio meditations engineered by a man twice nominated for a grammy award.
Add The Missing Ingredient, techniques to retrain the brain.

The Results: Savings on health care costs, more self-aware, emotionally intelligent people in the workplace, an increase in compassion, and a decrease in suffering.

The products is based on my training and expertise teaching people to rewire their brains- Yvonne Kay, MA


Naropa University

MA Counseling Psychology

2003 - 2003

Co-working Space


2016 - Today