Yvonne Stone

Boulder, Colorado, US

Yvonne's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Yvonne

We all want to lead "active lifestyles", but the need for screen time makes that hard. I want to democratize treadmill desks by creating an entry-level model (like the one I built for myself) that the average person can afford. I love my walking desk prototype - but it's built out of wood, styrofoam, and tape. I have a next generation design in mind, but I need mechanical engineering help to get it done. About me: I know the market I want to reach (I'm one of them). I'm a fast-learner and can take on a lot of tasks - learn legal? I'm on it. Figure out financing options? We're a go. I joined a founder to launch his (with me, two-person) startup out of college (GivingWorks) and that company still exists today. I have a Masters from Harvard, which you can take as smarts or evidence of budding marketing skill. Either way, I'm high-energy, passionate about ways to promote healthy living, and ready for a challenge. You in?