Zac B

Melbourne, Australia

Zac B's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Zac B

I'm primarily an iOS Developer (almost three years experience), although I've got a significant interest in anything business or entrepreneurial. For the past six months I've worked as a freelance iOS Developer for companies and individuals around the world on projects based on the iOS Platform.

I've also been a part of numerous projects as a co-founder, having worked with some big names in the media and advertising industry. I'm always keen to learn anything new, in addition to my skills with iOS I've also taught myself PHP, Python, JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

I've got specific interests in the transport and logistics, aviation and service-orientated industries. My interest in the aviation industry have grown recently as I'm currently completing my Recreational Pilot License, I have a particular interest in the private aviation sector.

I'm not a 'nerd' by any means, I'm happy to talk to anyone or make a phone call/conduct a meeting if a need ever arises. I've worked in the retail industry for over 2 years, so you could say I know how to deal with customers.

As a founder I'd love to be able to build products/services that are somehow related to my interests although I'm open to anything entrepreneurial. I thrive on the satisfaction of reaching milestones, no matter how big or small they are and working in a team makes it so much better. I enjoy working on not only the technical aspects of a product but getting involved in design, marketing or literally anything else I can get my hands on. Wherever there's something to be done I'm always happy to get my hands dirty and help in any way possible. I'm the kind of person that won't go to sleep until the job's done, although quality work is the only type of work I'm interested in.