Zach Herak

Austin, Texas, US

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First time founder

About Zach

My name is Zach and I graduated with a degree in Political Science from Davidson College in North Carolina. I'm currently a member of Dell's Leadership Development Program, which has provided me with valuable experiences in the areas of sales, marketing, account management, business development, and strategy. I'm also a Second Lieutenant (2LT) in the US Army Reserve Corps of Engineers (however, my military background has nothing to do with my startup).

For my startup, I seek a talented programmer who can dedicate a fair to significant amount of time to developing a phone app geared towards the bar/restaurant industry and a website and corresponding phone app for a new social network. This person also needs to be a strong communicator that can work with little oversight, as I will be attending my 19-week Engineer Officer Basic Course on February 3rd and will only be available on some nights and few weekends.

While spending 5 months sleeping in the woods and learning the fine art of military construction and demolition ops is likely the last thing a potential partner wants to hear, I can promise that I will dedicate all available time to straightening out the business plan, drafting a sales and marketing strategy, and handling all things unrelated to coding/programming. My end goal is to finish my training with a fully developed product and hit the ground running to get it in front of potential customers and Austin-based accelerators. If you are a programmer who is looking to partner with an enthusiastic young business developer/dreamer, then I am your guy!


Davidson College

Political Science

2012 - 2012