Zachariah J. Scott

New York, New York, US

Zachariah J.'s Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Zachariah J.

As an entrepreneur I make it my mission on a daily basis to change things. My mission in life is to leave a positive impact on the daily lives of the many individuals and organizations in the global ecosystem. I have been a part of many successful groups, teams and companies, and I am always looking to connect with other great people in the world. Computer Science is my main field of study. My career in computer science began when I was eleven years old. It began when I started fixing my middle school teachers' computers, I quickly realized how lucrative my skills were, and I decided to form AIO IT. I currently focus my assets to my new company IKON Electronics, where I am Co-Founder and CEO. As a professional designer of bleeding edge software and electronics, we've been around long enough at IKON to understand the many difficulties associated with adapting to software. At IKON Intelligent Electronics, our mission is to revolutionize the user-experience by creating a more human interactive device that is simple, universal, and capable of adapting automatically to best suit the user’s needs. We firmly believe the end user should be in control - not the software - therefore from the outset we have pledged to create products that fulfill this belief, and from this pledge we will not waiver. We aspire to produce products with extreme versatility and beauty. My project is centralized around taking a dramatically new approach to the operating system, and how we interact with it as humans. My idea focuses on connecting the end user to the world around them in a revolutionary new way.