Zachary Hollander

San Francisco, California, US

Product launch manager, Google
Zachary's Skills
Business Development

About Zachary

I'm excited about identifying a key user insight, identifying a hypothesis for how a problem can be solved and rapidly incubating, iterating and identifying a solution at scale for a big population.

In my current role at Google I've worked on new product launches, most notably working on a concept for how Google can reinvent how it sell devices online, then defining, designing and partnering with product to develop and deploy the Google Store. I am also leading the establishment of a design thinking capability and product & experience incubator within Marketing at Google.

In past lives I've been a strategy consultant at Bain & Company, working with Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms and hedge funds to create domestic and international growth strategies, evaluate and recommend acquisition targets and develop programs to systematically earn customer loyalty. I have also been a Director leading strategic economic development projects for the State of New York.

Most recently I've been incredibly excited about the momentum behind solving the problems related to coordinated care for the tidal wave of seniors who will find limited affordable options for meeting basic needs.

Work Experience

Product Launch Manager


December 2013 - December 2016