Zachary Plummer

Austin, Texas, US

Zachary's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Zachary

Looking for an individual that is passionate about improving the world through creating a mobile app that allows people in need of therapy to connect directly with life coaches. The individual should be conscious and caring of our collective evolution as a species, with altruistic intentions of helping others. In addition to sharing this passion, I need your help in my blind spots; specifically the tech side of things. Any software coders/mobile app developers are perfect fits, as well as if you have any experience launching or connecting with tech incubators or angel investors. The resource I have the most of now is my time, and I don't not mind shouldering the lion's share of sweat equity if you are a technical genius that can make this vision come true.
This endeavor will be successful and make make money, but more importantly it will help us advance together as a collectively more caring and conscious society.