Zachry Fragapane

Austin, Texas, US

Cofounder & Head of Product @Jolly - The Event Freelancer Network. Researcher, Marketer, Product Guy
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Product Management

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About Zachry

I'm an experienced Digital Marketer and Product Manager. I graduated from Claremont McKenna college in 2007 with a dual major in Statistics/Economics and a minor in Finance.

After graduating I was hired as employee #1 at a boutique SEO Consultancy and I stayed there for 5 years. Our model was different; we would design and build pages on our clients' sites and earn commission on the performance. We successfully grew the company to 12 employees before I left.

In January 2013, I became SEO Technical Manager at RetailMeNot where we consistently ranked #1 for Brand Name + Coupon/Promo Code terms. After a year, I became a product manager presiding over our core web business. In 2016, I led the product development that built and launched their cash back product to compete with Ebates.

When RetailMeNot was acquired in May 2017, I left to start Servable ( with my cofounder Shelby. Servable is a contractor management system for SMBs who rely on real-world freelance labor. It helps businesses organize, coordinate and pay independent contractors, and we file the 1099s on their behalf. Servable is live and has paying customers since July 2017.

In January 2019, we launched Jolly ( Jolly is an Event Freelancer Network that lets freelancers vouch for each others reliability, build relationships with other local workers, review businesses who hire them, and share work opportunities. The long term vision is for Jolly to be a Market Network - a network for connections, a marketplace to pay people for services, and a SaaS contractor management system - for all types of freelance labor. Servable will eventually merge under the Jolly brand as the SaaS component of the product.

Shelby and I are searching for a technical co-founder to lead our development efforts in building this Market Network. In so doing, we hope to usher in a new future for the service economy - one that puts the best interests of the worker ahead of everything else.


Science is what we have learned about how to keep from fooling ourselves. - Richard Feynman