Zack Baumel

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Zack's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Zack

We're looking for a Developer/CTO cofounder to join our team full-time for equity. Our company is called Purq (sounds like perk) and we've already built a good foundation and MVP. We are a B2B platform connecting local small businesses and content publishers. So far, we have 300+ relationships with DC-based businesses, a database with 20,000+ leads created, and a team of 4 working full-time.

We need an awesome full-stack developer who is highly technical, articulate, available, and passionate about our industry. Our ideal team member can take what we've started and run with it. You will be the owner of the platform and the technical representative to investors and customers.

We've made space in our cap table to bring on this person for equity. Depending on the person and time available, we will offer between 5-10% at a valuation of $2m, with one year vested. We can't pay a salary immediately but we are raising capital now-Q1 2016. Help us tie up the platform and launch to paying customers!