Zack Gray

New York, New York, US

Zack's Skills
Product Management

About Zack

I have a website with a working prototype (, built for me by a development company / micro-VC firm ( in exchange for equity and cash. I'm looking for someone with programming experience (ideally Ruby and HTML/CSS) to learn the project and eventually take over as CTO.

Street Potato is a database of where different kinds of people go at night, with the aim of helping likeminded people find each other: describe your kind of crowd, and the potato shows you where they go. Its services are two-fold: (1) fundamentally, it shows you the favorite nightlife venues of people like you; (2) in doing so, it guides likeminded people to the same places on the same nights, growing crowds of compatible strangers.

In effect, Street Potato maps the "interest graph" and the "demograph" onto nightlife venues; by then directing crowds accordingly, it (a) amplifies existing trends and (b) establishes new trends, generating original data to be leveraged as personalized, real-time crowd recommendations.

Ultimately, Street Potato is compensated by venues for delivering customers.


The nightlife industry is highly inefficient and consequently primed for "disruption."

I believe I have the solution.

If you think you might agree and fit the above qualifications, send me an e-mail.

In the mean-time, keep an eye out for a walking potato...