Zafar Razzacki

Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

Product / Design / Strategy. Google alum • Start-ups • Product • UX Design • Strategy
Zafar's Skills
Product Management

About Zafar

I’m currently working on a stealth tech start-up designing a mobile technology platform to leverage social/local data in new ways to facilitate and incentivize real-world social interactions. We are re-imagining social from the ground up to be a meaningful and rewarding experience instead of distracting and depressing.

I’m seeking technical co-founders/partners/advisors experienced in building iOS and Android mobile applications integrating social APIs (Facebook, LinkedIn, more), geo APIs (Google Maps), location data (GPS), and machine learning. If these are areas of interest and expertise for you — and you’re curious about working on something new — please reach out. I’d love to explore the possibilities together.