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Dallas, Texas, US

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We have developed a product that is awaiting UI work to make it work on mobile devices as well as improve its look and feel on a web site. The product is functionally ready to be marketed and works on a web site. This is a consumer service product with a potential total addressable market size of 206 million.
I am a software developer with over 25 years of development experience and passion for programming and learning but that has the downside of other areas not being focused on that are necessary to get a product to the market, funding, resources and a marketing strategy. And this is where I stand today as a founder, solutions architect, developer and a developed product.
What I am looking for is a person who has design and required programming skills to turn this product's look and feel into a snazzy site both on the web and mobile devices. I am willing to consider the person's involvement either on a contract basis or as a partner.