Zahra Sakkejha

Toronto, Canada

Scientist by background. Marketer by day. Creative entrepreneur by night.
Zahra's Skills
Product Management
Business Development
Public Relations
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About Zahra

I don't fit neatly in a box.

With a degree in Biology, my work experience has taken me from academic research within a healthcare institution, to product design and marketing strategy in a genetics startup. But science doesn't define me. I am an entrepreneur with two creative side hustles; one in DIY culture and the other in e-commerce.

What energizes me?

Lifelong learning
Making things with my own two hands
The scientific method
Finding elegant solutions to complex problems
A healthy dose of skepticism


I know of no time in human history where ignorance was better than knowledge. - Carl Sagan

Work Experience

Director of Marketing

Personalized Prescribing Inc.

May 2014 - Today

Personalized Prescribing Inc. is the only Canadian provider of personalized medicine for the employer market. Our unique employee benefit - The Personalized Prescription Plan (P3) - uses pharmacogenetic testing to help employees find the right dose of the right drug, tailored to their DNA. My role as the Director of Marketing at Personalized Prescribing Inc involves much more than my title indicates. Being on a small team requires me to wear many hats including the following: Speaking at major industry conferences Brainstorming new ideas for business development and strategy Pivoting our product offering to new market segments Writing and designing client-facing educational communication materials Communicating complex scientific concepts to non-scientists Editing technical white papers for clarity and accuracy Developing a marketing strategy in both the B2C and B2B spaces Conducting literature review to determine the potential for new genetic testing products, and developing those products Communicating and interpreting pharmacogenetic reports to patients and doctors


Western University

Bachelor of Science - Biology and Genetics

2006 - 2011


Life Science Enterprise

University of Toronto Continuing Studies