Zaid Al Lahham

London, United Kingdom

Zaid's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Zaid

Im currently a final year student at the Uni. of Warwick. I have no previous background with startups, but I have always been keen on learning more about them through whatever means possible.

My co-founder and I have always been passionate about the educational sphere and being students ourselves, we have witnessed first-hand the problems of higher education and the gaps that are present in todays system of education. Although it may vary from one institution to another, there always seems to be a similar trend.

We are looking for a talented app developer that will hopefully share our drive towards creating this app to solve a huge problem that students constantly face nowadays all the time when studying, revising, or simply reading up on their modules.

We believe that with a technical co-founder onboard with us, we will be able to reach the short term and long term goals as a team with this app.
Having worker together for quite some time to develop the idea behind this app, we have been able to identify all the major analytics involved.

We are always researching and reading on startup methodologies, success/failure stories, attending workshops and we are applying for a prestigious accelerator programme in the UK.

If you are interested in the realm of problem solving and platform building, while possessing a background that will support us in making this idea into reality, then please feel free to have a chat with me to understand more about the idea.

The Ideal candidate would be someone located close to the West Midlands. Prior background in developing apps.
Has the patience and drive to go through this exciting journey with us. Will be willing to work with us for a long time and not have any other commitment.


University of Warwick

BSc Engineering and Business Studies

2015 - 2015