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Greetings Internet: 

I am seeking a software engineer to help build a text-based game for publishing on multiple platforms. 

Ideally I would like a back end of the text game accessible by: 
- WordPress site on the web
- iOS app 
- android app 
- other platforms (windows phone, gameboy, etc.) are deprioritized but still important. 

The ideal software engineer has experience with WordPress and will know how to make a database accessible by both the website and the mobile apps. The correct skill set will include the ability to make a text-based mobile app from scratch and source code management skills. 

The game is designed, but the UI is not. You can have creative control over the UI but the content is specifically designed around economic principles and shouldn't be changed much. The game is about economics and actually intends to generate real-world economic involvement by our users. The purpose of the game is to increase the user's income and the game presents the user with activities to increase their personal income, and the game pays users like a 1099 contractor. 

What have we done so far? Well we have a decent start on the WordPress site but it is not 100% right now. The project goals are: 

- Make WordPress site operational 
- Initiate F&F alpha 
- Make mobile apps operational, a mirror of the WordPress site in terms of functionality
- Initiate public beta 
- Initiate no-nonsense affiliate marketing 
- Launch 1.0 

If you're interested in MMOs, the Economy, Startup Companies, and creating a game that is not only entertaining but has real-world benefits, please respond to the advert and let us know when you will be available for a 30 minute phone screener. 

Pay: It is important to note that you will not receive a fee, an hourly rate, a salary, or commission. The current team members understand this is a debt-funded startup operation and you should too. 

Dedication Level: We are looking for a software engineer who can dedicate between 2 and 10 hours a week to support this effort. 

Cofounder: If the game gets enough monthly users to start paying you a living wage salary, you will be offered one. Until that point in time you should not consider quitting a job you currently have, in order to work with us. 

Place of business: as our team grows we are considering getting a hacker house in south or west Seattle as a central base of operations. 

About the team: We are 2 people at the moment, looking for our solid 3rd. I am the "ceo type" focused on sales. The other team member is more technical. This is my 4th startup company venture (2 of which were acquired by larger companies) and my partner's 1st. I have worked mostly in professional services, health IT, and SaaS startups, and my partner has worked with startups focused on space exploration.


Florida State University

BS English & Applied Math

2004 - 2004


MCP Microsoft Certified Professional

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