Zak H

London, United Kingdom

Zak's Skills
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Zak

I want to find a mobile app developer (iOS) who could turn our prototype into MVP and / or oversee process and architecture if we choose to outsource.

I am totally committed to making my business a success. We are on the cusp of the project building it's own inertia. Key successes are:
- Interactive prototype built and receiving excellent feedback
- Team of three: a chairman who has raised finance and helped exit several multi-million tech start-ups, an ex-city guy with connections into the B2B side of the app, and me: an expert in customer-behaviour - the B2C side of the app.
- Advanced discussions with seed-investors. We expect to close first round in couple of months.
- Agreement from UK-based handset manufacturer (sold +1M) to pre-install app once we have android version

On the concept and the business side, we've got it covered. We want someone super-smart on the tech side who shares our passion and can be equally committed, ideally to build MVP from the interactive prototype and manage any outsourcing required. We want only the best people who understand it is up to us to make this as much of a success as we believe it can be.



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