Zaky's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Zaky

Zaky, former coffee-shop owner, looking for cofounders to launch a freemium data driven cashier app. Free users provide datas, paying users use them to make smart decisions (pricing, sales, etc.).

My field experience as a coffee-shop manager gave me the expertise needed to launch this app, and my entrepreneurial mood makes me a motivated business developer ready to work 48 hours a day to make it successful ! I'm learning to code in order to be able to talk about tech issues with my future CTO. Let's talk about the CTO I'm looking for ! And I'm a UX Design rookie.

I'm looking for a CTO able to work from scratch as well as integrating existing technologies and solutions to our app.

Ready to join a concrete project to launch a highly-scalable company ? Apply !