Zane E

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Zane's Skills
Business Development

About Zane

Just four government employees that discovered and created what might prove to be a very lucrative business venture. However, we are currently in need of some technical assistance. I know a lot of people say this but, we truly believe this is a revolutionary idea. We're finalizing our business plan, which includes a clear and concise workflow process. We're determined to see this through...and we'd like a knowledgeable software engineer (who knows coding) to assist us in this respect. We're open to meeting up in a social forum to make sure you're comfortable. At the very least, we're a dynamic and entertaining group. Give us a'll be glad you did. :)


University of Colorado at Boulder

B.A. Physics

2004 - 2004

University of Denver

M.A. International Affairs

2007 - 2007