Zebedayo Masongo

Jersey City, New Jersey, US

Zebedayo's Skills
Business Development

About Zebedayo

I'm a goal oriented founder of what I believe to be a potentiality successful start up company. I have managed to put the proper pieces together to get a prototype done for my platform. I have experience managing large groups of people since I have done a lot of work in my community. I have traveled as well, so I have seen how my product can be scaled on a global level. I am a recent college graduate, and I just need to be connected with someone who can refine what I have and point some of my efforts in the proper direction. I am good at speaking publicly, and great in high pressure situations. The ideal candidate would be someone who can play a mentoring role in what I am doing, but also connect me to anyone who can bring my idea to fruition and make it as successful as possible. My company has the potential to be a major player in the market of internet conversation, I believe I am just one connection away from making that a reality.