Zeeshan Khan

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Zeeshan's Skills
Product Management

About Zeeshan

At age 19, I founded a computer retail store in a mall. Our main focus was to disrupt BestBuy, Microcenter, Frys's computer repair business in the area and we were successful in doing so. Taking the company from one store to 5 stores with almost $450K in revenue while the company only had three people on board was our biggest challenge. In 2010 I helped my friend found a Digital media brand as a mobile app as a product manager and UI/UX designer. I was responsible for the product design; concept for LAUNCH Ticker (Jason Calacanis') company. Took 3X product for the company from idea to a successful launch. I helped the company by designing full mobile apps for several companies for partnerships (Technologizer, Twit TV, etc.). The app selected as T-Mobile UK’s App of the Month for May 2011 and also launched version 2. Launched first product version [mobile app] in record time - 4x months - from concept to launch. Mobile app [TrendOY!] was used by top executives at Nokia, Weatherbug, MicrosoftPivoted mobile app to email media similar to Thrillist and DailyCandy. Rebranded TrendOY! from mobile app to email in 2x months. Grew the subscriber base by 300% to 3,600 subscribers [industry avg. 20%] in 2x months. Improved CTR from