Zeev Kirsh

New York, New York, US

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First time founder

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this is me: www.linkedin.com/pub/zeev-kirsh/7/60/290/
I'm a litigation attorney , working full time in a large firm, In the past few years I have worked for a few existing startups in my free time but none of them succeeded. ( trading legal expertise and business analysis for paper dreams ) . For the first time, I want to take the lead in founding a startup. I'm looking to found my own startup with another co-founder. possibly two cofounders if necessary.

Developers who want to partner with me and one other partner ( an image processing and 3d photgraphy expert) on equal financial terms.

I am looking for someone who is interested in a google maps and a google earth based startup. Although the initial service will not include location based services, a successful implementation of the primary idea will inevitably lead to a location based matching service [ see 'idea' section for details ]. Furthermore, the use of the newish 'photosphere 360'' stiching capability as standard in Android and iOs mobile devices is planned into the primary rollout. Thus, the idea will ultimately require a build out of a browser platform ( tailored to chrome ) , and integrated as much as possible with the Android and Ios applications, with specific emphasis on the Android .

the demo/prototype for use in showcasing the startup to vc seed competitions in nyc will just be a browser however.

I am seeking a 'small' modest goal of putting together a good team of 3 people, inclusive of myself. The team's success will rely in executing upon a proven business model. The idea/startup is not shooting for a billion dollar idea that is 'disruptive' . My 'idea' is not disruptive. others are already making money in the area for 18 months now, I just want to do it a little different, so as to make it scale.

The idea revolves around servicing the real estate market, essentially bringing a craigslist style interface to the google "business photos" market ---but expanding beyond commercial businesses into the private residence market. This service would run over the google Maps for API.

The initial build will be over the free maps api, after a demo has been built and venture capital successfully obtained----the startup will immediately secure a google maps api for business license with that money. That would be stage 2--putting the cart before the horse.