Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

About Zen

Hi Everyone,

I’m a 23 year old software engineer with an idea that transcends the traditional concept of a social networking site. I have run with this idea and built a prototype site that rethinks how people connect with those around them. I am now looking to transform this prototype into a live website and eventually a full-fledged business.

The problem is that until now I have been a sole contributor to this site and single handedly lack the manpower to roll out something of envisioned scale. Ultimately the plan is put together a top notch team willing to shed blood sweat and tears to create something amazing and innovative.

In particular I’m looking for anyone with expertise in the below skills:
Front End: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Phtotoshop, Web graphic design
Back end: PHP and mySQL
Miscellaneous: Forward thinker and fun to be around

If you fall short on the technical skills but are someone who truly thinks outside the box and would be interested in getting something like this off the ground don’t hesitate to reach out. There’s plenty to be done outside of the technical realm and I am interested in hearing from anyone willing to help build this vision. If you are someone looking to create something truly innovative and have free time to commit I want to hear from you.

Ultimately, I am looking for others to share in a dream. If you’re interested in hearing more and please email some basic info about yourself and what you think you can contribute. You won’t regret it.