Zenophon Abraham

Oakland, California, US

Zenophon's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Zenophon

After starting one company based on two online simulations I created and coded, and then joining and using about 400 social media platforms, and interviewing many entrepreneurs and investors for my blog and video-blog series, I formed an idea for a new social media platform.

This one would revolutionize the industry and form an economic logic that currently does not exist. To the end of building the platform I created two wireframes of it, and met with a friend who's firm would be a partner - he likes the concept.

Having built online products before, I know that having an operational version is the first major step toward funding - especially for this. I've already created the business name, bought the URL, created the wireframes, wrote a preliminary business plan, and partnered with a friend who is a marketing specialist. We just need the programming partner to build it, and get this show on the road.