Zev Lebowitz

New York, New York, US

Zev's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Zev

I am the "get stuff done" guy. I like doing new things for the first time, at 100 miles an hour, with a do-or-die deadline approaching like a ticking time bomb. I want to help take your brilliant inkling of a business idea and develop the technology, people, and processes to turn it into a functioning, profitable business.

With a background in strategy consulting, my core strengths are data analysis, client management, and analytical problem solving. I like taking big, messy business problems, breaking them up into a system of manageable pieces that can be solved using technology. I'm a SQL and Excel ninja, a experienced and savvy client manager, and energetic team leader.

I am also a die-hard foodie and international traveler. I just returned from a 14 month adventure eating and cooking my way through Southeast Asia. Both my professional and personal passions are driven by a love of sharing, learning, and teaching new experiences with others.