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New York, United States
Startup stage
Business Development, Product Management, Management, Marketing, Sales
Am building a startup that has already attracted 1000's of members and customers offering millions of dollars to be earned. We need to finish up the platform and be able to successful execute the launch. Key that we need is engineering - would love to be joined by two or more real math level developers / engineers. would also consider a product specialist and a top front end UI person. The project was stopped for a while and is now going to get back up running. People are key here as executing the launch and GTM are key. Of course good people ready to execute a great vision with a clear strategy is the most attractive opportunity for investors. Ideally looking for people that will join - am not looking to outsource. Am somewhat opened to moving if there is a team already in place somewhere as I am a big believer that a startup needs the cofounders working FT shoulder to shoulder from a single location to start out. Working remotely in the beginning is ok until we work out the logistics - of course the money and the engineering will have a lot to say where we locate. More cofounders committed to a vision with the skills to execute = the greatest chance to succeed. Anyone that has a real passion to live the dream of bringing a really disruptive platform to the market that transforms it's space and the process how millions of businesses and people get introduced to the people they need to - and automating the process where there previously was none - creates a real marketplace that the seller can access and where anyone can be a seller or a buyer or both. Think Ebay for introductions or demand generation etc... Startups are challenging and frustrating but when you get to work one that can startup and actually hit the road and keep going ... wow, wouldn't that be something special! - has a real opportunity to stay on the road if we can get her started and out of the driveway. Looking for those that want join for the ultimate road trip - and lets see if someone will give us a nice Winnebago for the road.

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