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Zhao Jin

New York, United States
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Business Development, Technical, Sales, Product Management, Marketing, Management, Finance
Sales looking for a co-founder, mentors and advisors. I am a business development specialist with 9 years of experience in sales and 3 years in management consulting. I am looking to launch a Sales Service company that helps Chinese companies to expand their business in the States (and eventually globally) and helps US companies to close prospects with Chinese-speaking decision makers or Asia-based clients. To scale the business, it'd be necessary to create a web-based client interface platform to complement this business model and bring it to another level. So eventually this will not only be a service-based firm but a well-rounded technology-backed business platform. I have good understanding of technical concepts having majored in a dual major of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in college, but I am not a good coder and have only worked in sales and business development my entire career (even though the beginning of my sales career was with IT firms - IBM and Cisco.) I am a formally trained institutional sales expert with in-depth experience and exposure to the Professional Services, Financial Services, Technology, Real Estate and various other sectors. I also speak, read and write Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese and English 3 languages fluently. I am looking for a co-founder, also mentors and advisers who share my vision. Hope I can be lucky enough to find teammates, advisors and investors on this website. And being a first-time founder, I'm just looking to meet people and share thoughts and experiences in general. If you'd like to chat, please email me at or Thanks. Zhao

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