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Zhendong Song

Minneapolis, United States
Startup stage
Product Management, Technical, Marketing, Management, Finance
Healthcare can be improved and must be improved. So I created WiggleMed to transform healthcare with better information. I believe the disruptive force will come from PATIENTS, who should be at the center but ironically are the least utilized resource in today’s health system. Having patients in driver's seat makes common sense, but the real benefits will only realize after they have the confidence to drive, know where to go and what to anticipate. Patients and their caregivers need to be empowered with right information and today’s technology can help. Healthcare is my passion and my hobby. I understand healthcare, I have a solution and I have pitched to investors. I had MVP launched and I have learned Minimal is not Viable. Now I am ready for next iteration and I am looking for a CTO/cofounder who can help accelerate and scale up. If you are as passionate about healthcare as I am, interested in social business and familiar with web and mobile technology, let’s get connected. Together, let’s build the change we want to see in the world.

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