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Zhengdian Zhan

Washington, United States
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I am currently studying in the master program for IT management at George Washington University. While being a student, I've been working on my personal project related to the online apparel retailing. I am currently looking for someone who has the web development skills and who is passionate about making changes in the world. A little bit about our project: The online apparel retail market is expanding at a breakneck pace. According to a report produced by eMarketer, a leading market research company, sales of apparel & accessories online will grow from $256 billion to $361.9 billion by 2016 (a 41.3% growth rate). In order to take advantage of this rapid growth, we asked myself a fundamental question: "Why do people buy clothes?" Our answer to this question is the impetus behind our project. People buy clothes because they want to look good in them. However, they don’t just put on random clothes; they put together an outfit using a coordinated, distinct, and visually appealing set of clothes. We define this coordination of specific clothing as “fashion.” The current form of online shopping only lets consumers buy one item at a time. As a result, they cannot know if an item goes well with other items that they already own or items sold in other stores. This system does not help people coordinate their ideal outfits. Fashion isn’t about a single piece of clothing. Rather, it’s about an outfit that the wearer feels proud of for creating. Further, it’s about creating outfits that instills admiration in your peers, perhaps inspiring them to coordinate an outfit of their own. With our pending patent technology, we strive to create a platform where people can create unique outfits and gain inspiration from outfits created by their peers.

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