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Boston, United States
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I ’m Jason Zhou, now a master’s student at Harvard Graduate School of Education. I am looking for a programmer with experiences in web development for eXlogue, an online platform for language teaching exchange of which I am the founder. Let me ask you a question: have you ever studied a foreign language? If you have, what do you think is the most effective way to learn a language? The best way is to be in that environment, and practice with the native speakers. But unfortunately we don’t have that environment. You can certainly pay a lot of money to language schools, but most people are just not rich enough to do that. So why don’t we connect the language learners? That’s why eXlogue was born. For example, if you speak English and you want to learn Spanish, we can connect you with a Spanish speaker who wants to learn English. But that’s not the whole story. What if there is an English speaker wanting to learn Spanish and a Spanish speaker wanting to learn French and a French speaker wanting to learn Chinese? You can’t do that with the original model. We have successfully solved this crucial problem by creating the credit exchange system. If you teach a lesson, you’ll get a certain amount of credits, and you can then use the credits to buy from whoever offers the language course that you want. We thus go beyond the simple pair-up service and create a never-ending network of teaching exchange. Our teaching assistance system enables native speakers without teaching experiences to offer engaging language teaching. All lesson plans are created by educational experts with many years of experiences, that make not only learning interesting but also teaching enjoyable. Instead of prescribing a set of lessons and teachers, we grant learners the maximum freedom by allowing them to choose the courses and teachers based on their interests, for example Chinese Kungfu like Taichi, French luxuries like Chanel, or American pop stars like Lady gaga. Sounds cool? Our goal is to revolutionize language education by providing learners with free, high-quality and lifelong learning experience. We are now the vip resident at Harvard ilab, and have successfully attracted 100000 dollars of angel investment. We are looking for tech talents to build the platform. We can pay you salary for now, but we hope you can join us to become one of the co-founders. If you want to make a difference, I'm here waiting for you.

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